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Invitation to SI entrepreneurs

I’m a journalist & co-organizer of a social entrepreneurship conference coming up on Jan 16th at Fordham U’s Lincoln Center campus. The event will consist of a day of talks & panels & will conclude with the inaugural “Battle of the Boros” pitch competition, where social entrepreneurs from every corner of NYC vie for the “Best of the Boros” crown. It will be a fun event that that plays on the friendly rivalry between NYC boroughs! More info at at

We are a little light on SI candidates right now, and given your interests in creating a SI entrepreneurial community, I was hoping you could pass this along to your network. We can offer a discount code as well for tickets. 

To be eligible for the BoB, you must be a NYC-based enterprise with some kind of social purpose, 0-24 months old, and can be non-profit, for-profit or hybrid. One finalist from each borough will be selected to present at the live pitch event on the 16th. Two winners – one by judging panel and one people’s choice – will receive a mix of cash and in-kind prizes (marketing/branding, legal, PR, coworking space, etc) donated by our sponsors valued at $20,000. 

Eligibility/Rules & regs here:!107&app=Word&wdo=2&authkey=!AMx0qysed7wzlug

Online application here:!12481&authkey=!AKUfbyjCpYyTkyY

Press release on BoB here:

The live competition takes place Jan 16th starting at 5 pm. 

Please let me know if you have an questions or suggestions. And we’d love to have you & the SI community there! 

Thanks & happy new year -



Amy Cortese


Brooklyn, New York

(h/o) 718.246.8091

(m) 917.690.5331

Twitter: @Locavesting

NYC GOV: Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Comprehensive Initiatives to Make New York City’s Waterfront Stronger and More Resilient

Of Course no mention of #staten island



New York City’s waterfront is an incredible resource that contributes to the great quality of life we New Yorkers enjoy. It’s also a backyard for millions of families and our first line of defense against future storms and flooding. We’re hard at work strengthening those defenses –…

Premiere of Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian-Grow Local

"A generation ago if you wanted to build a business empire, you needed to build a factory. Today, you only need a laptop."

Local Staten Island growth can only happen when we get a community of like minded people together who believe that tech and startup culture can happen here locally. Most startup communities that have been built were started by community leaders, not government, whether it is a startup out of a basement or a Jelly coworking space out of an apartment real transformation begins with us. We must also educate our community on this magnificent growth that is happening around us in other boroughs and give them the same opportunities. 

Join Startup SI meetup as we will be having aweseome educational meetups as well as networking events and work together to build SI tech and startup.

(Source: Premiere of Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian-Grow Local)

NYC Digital Roadmap Listening Sessions – Staten Island, July 23, 2013

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Staten Island needs your voice to help bring start-up and tech culture, initiatives and community development to Staten Island. While all of the other boroughs have seen tremendous growth in tech, startup culture, entrepreneurship and local job growth, Staten Island has remained stagnant and is behind the rest of New York. There have been multiple initiatives organized by Mayor Bloomberg and the NYCEDC that have helped grow tech and startups in NYC, Brooklyn and now even Queens and the Bronx.

According to the Center for an Urban Future May 2012 Report- NEW TECH CITY

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of tech start-ups in new york city, most of which are companies that leverage the Internet and mobile technologies. 

► We identified 486 digital start-ups formed in the city since 2007 that have received angel, seed or VC funding. 

► Overall, there are well over 1,000 Web-based technology start-ups in the city, most of which have not secured investment capital. 

► As one indication of the growth in early stage companies, roughly 1,600 start-ups applied to TechStars New York for its most recent program in March 2012—up from 600 applicants in the initial class, in January 2011. 

► We identified well over a dozen established tech start-ups that have moved to New York in recent years from the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and other locations. 

► At least 28 New York-based tech start-ups were founded by students from Harvard Business School. although it is still well behind silicon valley as a tech hub, new york city has the nation’s fastest growing tech sector and has surpassed Boston as the number two tech center in the u.s. 

► Of the seven leading technology regions in the United States, New York City was the only one to see an increase in the number of VC deals between 2007 and 2011, according to data from the MoneyTree report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. 

► The number of deals shot up by 32 percent in New York during this period whereas venture activity was down significantly in every other region, including Silicon Valley (-10 percent), New England (-14 percent), LA/Orange County (-8 percent), Texas (-17 percent) and San Diego (-38 percent). Nationally, there was an 11 percent decline in VC deals. 

► New York is either the clear leader or one of the leading centers of activity in several tech subsectors that are growing today, including ad tech, fashion tech, fin tech, digital media, ed tech and health tech. more and more new york-based tech start-ups are achieving significant growth. 

► Of the tech start-ups founded in New York since 2007, 15 have raised more than $50 million in investments, 27 have investments of at least $25 million and 81 have raised at least $10 million.

► More of the city’s digital companies got acquired by other firms in 2011 (55) than in 2008 and 2009 combined (54). the city’s tech sector has created thousands of jobs in the past few years, giving new york’s economy a much-needed boost at a time when few other industries have been growing. 

► In the last five years, information technology jobs in the city have increased by 28.7 percent, from 41,100 to 52,900. 

► During the same period, private sector jobs in the five boroughs grew by just 3.6 percent while employment was down considerably in several of the city’s traditionally-strong industries, including the securities industry (down 5.9 percent), publishing (down 15.8 percent), legal services (down 7.0 percent) and manufacturing (down 29.5 percent). 

► Nearly half (47 percent) of the 298 tech start-ups on New York Tech Meetup’s “Made in New York City” list indicated that they are currently hiring in April 2012. unlike the fleeting dot com boom in the 1990s, new york now appears to be building a sustainable tech sector that has significant potential for future growth

► Today’s tech start-ups are less about building new technology than applying technology to traditional industries like advertising, media, fashion, finance and health care—all of which New York excel in. 

► Dramatic increases in people using the Internet and mobile devices have created huge demand for companies that create content, sell products and provide services online—all of which play to the city’s strengths. the city lacked a strong tech ecosystem during silicon alley’s first wave of tech growth in the 1990s, but that couldn’t be more different today. 

► There are now more than 23,300 members of New York Tech Meetup, more than twice the number of members in December 2009 (11,500) and nearly triple the figure from October 2008 (7,500).

► There are more than 12 incubators and coworking spaces that house digital start-ups today, up from only a few prior to 2009. By our count, these shared spaces have already housed nearly 500 tech start-ups.

► Prior to 2009, there were no accelerator programs for tech start-ups in New York. Today, there are at least a dozen accelerator programs in the city. until four or five years ago, tech entrepreneurs in new york struggled mightily to access investment capital, but that has changed in a big way, particularly for early stage companies. 

► There were almost as many tech-related VC deals in New York City in 2011 (165) as in 2006 and 2007 combined (172), according to data from SeedTable. 

We need local politicians to create programs and initiatives that will help keep young and creative tech and startup talent here on Staten Island and bring over tech companies from other boroughs. Join NYC Digital at this meetup on July, 23 and voice your opinions and ask questions on why Staten Island is not seriously included or represented in this greater NYC tech plan. 

NYC GOV: Let's Grow Together Contest



NYC tech startup, On Deck Capital, is running a contest to celebrate the opening of its new NYC headquarters.  The contest will connect one deserving New York City-based small business with $10,000.  All you have to do is describe in 100 words or less how the money would help your business grow. Applications are accepted through April 11th.  The top 5 finalists will be put up to a vote.  The business with the most votes wins $10,000, second most gets $5,000 and third prize is a free consultation with an On Deck member.  

To enter visit On Deck’s Facebook:

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